srk in patna

superstar shahrukh khan visted patna for an event on thursday and the city gone crazy after him.Fans were dying to see just one glimplse of their favourite actor.

In this article we will show all the photos of shahrukh start from his arrival and departure in the city.

Shahrukh khan landed in patna

srk lands in patna

srk spotted outside the airport

srk spotted outside patna airport

SRK in “Baapu sabhaagar “

Then srk reached the venue and entered in to the biggest auditorium of the city .hHe entertained the audience with his dialogues ,dance moves anhd his quirky sense of humor.He danced with little childrens on the stage and made them happy.



srk in bapu sabhaagar in patna
srk in baapu sabhagaar
srk in bapu sabhaagar


He along with director Anand l.rai had a talk show with bhojpuri superstar Ravikishan.srk poured his heart out infront of huge crowd.



srk ,anand l.rai with ravikishan
srk ,anand l.rai with ravikishan

SRK event danced on the tune of bhojpuri songs along with ravikishan himself.The bhojpuri superstar teaches the dance steps which king khan properly executed.

Watch the dance video

srk dancing on bhojpuri songs along with ravikishan

SRK and RAVI KISHAN  cut the cake

@iamsrk and @ravikishann cutting the cake at the event earlier today in patna.

Shahrukh left the auditorium with his trademark pose

Shahrukh with his trademark pose

SRK left the city with a smile on his face .

srk leaving patna

Patna authority has handle the mammoth crowd and had to put an extra effort to keep them in control.

fans waiting in the queue


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